“I couldn’t be happier with the work The Pixel Workshop has done. I had never commissioned CGIs before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The images they produced exceeded my expectations in that they are absolutely stunning and exactly how I imagined the buildings to be. I’m delighted. These images will sell the houses I’ve just started building. The staff did all they could to accommodate the small changes I requested as quickly and cheaply as possible. I will definitely come back to Pixel for my next project and recommend them highly.

Mr. Brian Elder, Elder Properties Ltd

Project Start

29th January 2018


Exterior CGI

Project Delivery

28th February 2018


£950 / 5 CGIs

As a property developer, Brian had suffered at the hands of the 1990s housing crash, and only just recently returned to property developing. As a result, he had never used CGIs until he found The Pixel Workshop on the web.

He showed us examples of poor quality CGIs in a competitor’s brochure. The lighting was poor, the detail unclear, and as a result the properties looked flat and unaspirational; exactly everything Brian wanted to avoid. He wanted CGIs which would reflect the quality of the development he was building. He wanted images which would impress his potential buyers the moment they saw them, but his budget was tight and he was a great negotiator. We agreed a deal which would furnish him with 5 exterior CGI images of his development for just under £1000.

Since Brian was a CGI virgin, we made sure he never felt overwhelmed by the process. Quite often clients will under-estimate the level of detail we require to create a CGI; there are times the type of paving or the colour of the rainwater pipes hasn’t yet been considered, impacting negatively on our production time-scale. Brian, however, was a brilliant first-timer: any clarifications we required he would either send to us by return of email or he would consult with his architect the same day in order to provide us with answers. As a result, production continued unabated, and the day we would bring Brian’s meticulous designs to life swiftly came by.

Brian could hardly wait to see the images; he was like a nervous expectant father waiting for permission to head into the delivery room, so it was a truly emotional moment when we shared the first draft images with him. He phoned minutes after the delivery (sic!) to tell us just how spot on they were. ‘I can’t believe it!’ he said. ‘They are exactly how I imagined them! Exactly!! It’s amazing. Tell your team they’ve done a fantastic job.’ 

Within a few days the hoarding was erected and Brian started to receive enquiries, even though the building of the development had only just begun.


Below are the exterior CGI’s we have produced for Elder Properties Ltd. We have also included some images from the development, it’s still being built, but we can see just how close the CGIs are to the real properties.

Street Scene Exterior CGI
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