Here is a selection of our past animations which allow potential buyers to take a journey through a new property development while it is still being built. They will have the opportunity to visit their next home within its geographical setting, so they can imagine what it would be like to live there. Please take a look at the process section below to see how we put together these animations.

Take a journey through your development

The Pixel Workshop is not just about designing aspirational static images; we also provide high-quality, professional interior and exterior CGI animations and fly-throughs to keep you ahead of your competitors. Video is the ultimate way to market your project and is guaranteed to draw your audience in. We can tailor an animation package to suit your budget and aims. We’ll arm you with an artillery of marketing weaponry which will keep on firing until your customers sign on the dotted line.

Animation and movement is what will set your development apart from the one next door. It the best way to evoke an emotive response from your core market; one which will instantly arouse your clients’ curiosity and aspirations. They will be able to feel what it would be like to live in the homes you are building, getting a real idea of scale, comfort and homeliness. We offer a full range of services from full length animations and short taster videos to use for social media. We take great care to produce compelling, engaging and aspirational animations to help sell your property.

The Process


Once we start production, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Every client has different needs and priorities; we establish what these are from the very start and manage your project accordingly. The more detail we have from you at the beginning, the better. As we bring your animation to life we will share still images and a greyscale camera paths video with you to make sure we are bringing your development to life in the way you require. Creating multiple variations of your animation for your website and social channels is key to engaging your potential buyers.

1. Storyboard and camera angles

Your account manager will discuss your needs with you and then create a storyboard with our lead artist, this will establish the main views, angels and sweeps of the cameras before the modelling process begins.

2. Greyscale stills

Once the modelling is complete, you will receive key images in greyscale moving you along the various camera paths to check for angles and views. Any changes you require will be made in greyscale before texturing is applied at the next stage.

3. Greyscale animatic

Following the stills sign off, we will put together an animatic in greyscale. This is a preliminary version of your animation for technical checks and doesn’t include any shadowing, texturing or colours.

The Process Greyscale Animatic – Exterior CGI Animation from Pixel Workshop on Vimeo.

4. Low resolution keyframes

Once the animatic is signed off, we will create a run of low resolution keyframes with the texturing applied. Flicking through these shots at speed like the example below will give a sense of how the final animation will look. Once you’re completely happy, we move on to the final phase.

Animations Process GIF

5. Final animation

The final stage is to deliver your high-resolution animation. This is the time where we can include your opening and ending branding scenes along with any wording that you require. Music sequences will also be added at this stage if they are part of the package.

The Process Final Video – Exterior CGI Animation from Pixel Workshop on Vimeo.

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If you have a project in mind that could benefit from animation please give our friendly team a call on 0161 641 9083. Alternately, please fill in the form below and we will contact you to discuss your project.

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