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The Pixel Workshop is here to support your property marketing needs. We produce high-quality 3D architectural renders – exterior shots of individual houses or street scenes, photo-quality interior shots, site plans and animations.  Our CGIs will bring your architects’ drawings to life, creating photo-quality shots from 2D site-plans so your customers can experience the impact of your designs before a single brick is laid. For the quality we produce, we won’t be beaten on price.

Seeing how a completed space could look with furniture and finishes can be integral to selling a property. Stylised CGI interior shots are rapidly becoming an alternative to traditional show home photo-shoots, and are possible at a fraction of the cost. Whether commercial or domestic, we can help design your interiors to produce detailed shots of the spaces you are going to create. Provide us with the entire design specification or let us help you decide on the style and content of your interiors. Whatever the journey, The Pixel Workshop produces high-quality, photo-real images for all your marketing needs at competitive prices.
Producing a photo-real image of a new-build or a rebuild in its context can be the deciding factor in winning planning permission. In addition, 82{b79af927e70a558f0f0a549dea87c9fdd44deeb0e6dc8b03b923a5cf3bb6c0bf} of our customers tell us they have won planning permission quicker because of our CGIs. Whether it’s a bird’s eye view of the overall area or a photo-montage shot of one particular property, we can provide just the image you need to get started on your build.

When you need to visualise a new building in place of an old one in context, or if the setting of your new project is particularly appealing, photo-montage is a great option. We can use high-quality photographs you commission, advising on camera lenses and angles, or we can commission our own photographer to capture the perfect shots. Our CGI artists will create a seamless image of the new property in situ for all your marketing and planning needs.

Fly-throughs are the ultimate way to market your project, and are guaranteed to amaze your audience. A 3D fly-through of your proposed development takes the viewer through it as if they were flying. This way we can zoom in from a variety of angles, taking your clients on a virtual journey of their future home to give them a real sense of being there.
These are a great way of seeing how an entire development will look, without having to construct an architect’s model. We can provide top-down views from directly above or a bird’s eye CGI which shows the properties’ elevations and provides a real perspective on the development in the context of its wider scheme. Call us on 0161 641 9083 to have a chat about how we can help.

We understand that keeping to your time constraints and budget are the two fundamental factors in ensuring successful projects. Whether you are in property development, interior design or advertising, The Pixel Workshop provides a bespoke service for all your CGI needs, tailoring our packages to suit your requirements and budget. We take great care to produce compelling, engaging and aspirational images to sell your properties or win planning permission. Call us on 0161 641 9083 to talk about how we can help.



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