Alderman’s Estates | Case Studies

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“The Pixel Workshop – Excellent quality of work, excellent customer service, excellent team to deal with, excellent value for money but most importantly they are an absolute pleasure to work with whilst delivering on time and as promised. It’s not often suppliers surpass expectation but they certainly do. I will definitely be continuing to work with them on all future projects. Thank you, Pixel Workshop.”

Stuart Worrell, Managing Director, Alderman’s Estates Ltd

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First Contact

July 2013

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Exterior CGI

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Project Start

18th December 2018

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Project Delivery

2nd January 2019

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We first worked with Alderman’s Estates in 2013, so when managing director Stuart contacted us on 18th December 2018 with an urgent project we wanted to make sure we delivered. He was due to visit U.A.E. for a crucial meeting on January 2nd 2019, but the plans for the project had only just been finalised and he needed our help. 

Our artists were busy finishing images in time for Christmas but somehow we had to find the capacity to create the exterior CGIs that Stuart needed. Thankfully, Hemant, our experienced senior artist at The Pixel Workshop, agreed to step in. He has worked with us since the formation of the company, so he was in a great position to not only compose the CGIs but also to manage the project over the festive period.

Stuart sent in his plans and we conducted a three-way conference call to discuss the project thoroughly. There was a lot of detail which needed to be finalised, for example, for the night shot we needed to ascertain where exactly the LED strips would lie. We also needed to decide which cityscapes to choose and which angles. But by the end of the call we were all set to go. Hemant was the shining star at the top of our CGI tree and Stuart could enjoy his Christmas break secure in the knowledge his images would be ready in time for his meeting.

And so, whilst our studio was closed for Christmas, Hemant kept in touch with Stuart updating him on the progress of the CGIs and seeking clarification where required. The project was coming together. At 9 am on January 2nd when the rest of our team returned to work, Hemant was delivering the images to Stuart in time for his meeting. Given the unique nature of the project, CGI was the only way Stuart could enable his partners to visualise the potential of his designs. The meeting was a success and the next stage of their development program is now underway. However, this project is top secret therefore we can’t share the images with you at the moment, but when we can, we will add them to the gallery below.

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Below are the exterior CGIs we produced for Alderman’s Estates Ltd in 2013. When we are able to share the 2018 project images with you, we will add these to the gallery.

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Get in touch

If you have a property marketing project that could benefit from our exterior CGI service, please give our friendly team a call on 0161 641 9083. You can also fill in the form below and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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