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Our mission is to sell your property as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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The Pixel Workshop is the brainchild of engineer and tech leader Vijay Kumar. Vijay lived in India, Canada and Germany before settling in the UK, developing markets to reconcile them with the technological advances of the era. During the inception of computer generated graphics, Vijay spotted opportunities in the UK property sector and tapped in on the creativity and talent in India to develop a CGI studio there. It is still part of our operation today, enabling us to provide a genuine combination of quality and affordability. In Vijay’s own words, ‘We offer a contract you can’t refuse.’

Maintaining a CGI studio in India means we can keep our overheads down and pass these benefits on to you. Most of our artists have been with us from the very start; they are highly experienced, creative and technically brilliant. Our Manchester office is the head of operations, ensuring a very high standard of images which can be exported world-wide.

We have a loyal customer base because we take pride in nurturing professional ties with every client. Taking time to devote to each client ensures every project runs smoothly and will be delivered on time. Your project, however big or small, will be managed by the same person from start to finish, tailoring the management of each project to suit your needs.

We ensure we keep in step with the continuing developments in CGI technology by regularly investing in new equipment and software so we can provide you with the highest quality results. Our artists are regularly trained in industry techniques and style trends to ensure our images are cutting edge and the very best quality available today.


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