One Stop Shop for Property Brochures and CGIs
Depending on the size and value of your development and how you’re planning to market it, contextualising all your CGI images and floorplans in a stylish on-line property marketing brochure is a neat way of appealing to your core market.

Whilst we have built our business on creating market leading CGI imagery, adding property brochure design to our offering allows for a stress-free, user-friendly marketing solution for you. Producing everything in-house ourselves means you don’t need to worry about managing production deadlines and co-ordinating information between two different production systems.

In recent years, property brochure design has become our speciality. We have a selection of tried-and-tested designs you can choose from to market your development, or we can design your property brochure from scratch if you need a more bespoke approach.


Commissioning the right content is vital to the success of your marketing campaign. Tell us about your project so we can suggest which images will sell your properties faster whilst keeping within your budget. With over 15 years’ experience in the business, we can offer expert advice and guidance whether you’re completely new to 3D visualisations or not. We are transparent on price and will always ask you when you need your images by. The bulk of our business is loyal customers who come back project after project because quality imagery and great customer service is at the heart of every project we undertake. Get in touch for a chat about your next development so we can ensure aspirational images to captivate your audience and convert interest into sales.



    • Is the cost I’m quoted the cost I’m going to pay?

    We are transparent about the costs of our CGIs and property marketing brochures from the get-go. Creating photo-real images from 2D architectural drawings and materials references is an artform and as such is open to subjective interpretation. Our quoted price includes any subjective changes, as well as a couple of small structural changes such as removing a fence, a chimney being moved, a Velux window added. Brochure production costs include all revisions until final sign off. Prices quoted are for digital brochures but we can arrange for a swift delivery of printed property brochures at competitive prices, if required.

    • What do you need from me?

    We’re not just a production line. At every point in the house visualisation and property brochure production process, every expert in our team is playing to their strength. To make sure you get the best possible images and to keep your costs down, we’ll ask you about your target market so we can decide what kind of information and local amenities to focus on. We’ll need to know your price point, so we can suggest the most appropriate style of brochure. What USPs would you like us to highlight, and are there any hurdles to selling you’d like us to play down? You’ll need to send us your specifications details if you’d like those including, and give us an indication of which nearby towns / cities you’d like us to include on the location map.

    • What if there are several different departments that need to provide feedback?

    It’s best practice to funnel the feedback into one point of contact. If you need feedback from different departments we always tell you when to expect your 3d visualisations and property brochure drafts so you can arrange meetings in advance and keep production flowing.

    • Do you know what you’re doing? What’s your level of expertise?

    Creating the best property marketing brochures available starts from the point of concept – when we first take a look at your plans we make sure we find the camera angles which will show your properties off in the best light. We’re a well-established company; we’ve been providing 3d visualisation services since 2005. During that time honed our systems and nurtured a team of experts. It’s not just one person creating your brochure…we’re proud of our team which includes a design specialist, a trained architect, a fine artist, a videographer / VR guru, a stylist, a marketing expert and an experienced project manager. We’re a bunch of self-critical perfectionists who won’t rest until we have produced the best possible content for you.

    • I’ve never commissioned a property marketing brochure before and I don’t know what to expect.

    No problem, we’ll walk you through the process. Our clients range from sole traders who are new to virtual marketing through to large property developers and architects well-versed in 3d exterior rendering and already have an understanding of what’s involved. If you already know, great, we will quickly talk you through how we work to make sure you get your brochure on time, on budget, with the least amount of hassle, every time. If you’ve never done it before we’ll walk you through our processes to ensure they are stress free for you every step of the way.

    • How long does everything take?

    We’ll always ask if you have a deadline that needs to be met before we take your job on. We’d rather under-promise and over deliver. If we can’t meet your deadline we’ll be honest from the start. Once the job is booked in, delivery times will mostly depend on how quickly we get the info we need and the feedback required. Once we have all the information we need to get started an average set of CGIs will take around 1-2 weeks to get to low resolution stage. During this time the brochure design will be taking shape, though we prefer to share the first draft with you once we have a set of low resolution full colour images to include, so you get the full impact of the brochure in the same way potential buyers will. We will keep you posted of our progress at all times and if you have any questions, queries or issues there’s always someone at the end of the phone who will help you straight away. We’re a small company with a large capacity, and we pride ourselves on our customer service. We understand your deadlines are important and we’ll make sure we meet them.

    • What happens next?

    Send us your plans, we’ll have a chat to get a clear idea of your requirements and help you decide on the type and number of images you need if necessary. Our property marketing packages are aimed at getting you the best possible value for money whilst not having to compromise on quality. If we know what budget you’re working to, we’ll always make sure you get a suite of content that puts you ahead of your competition. We’ll send you a competitive proposal, and once we’ve agreed the finer details, production can begin as soon as we receive all the required information and the deposit payment.