3D Interior Visualisation Peterborough

CGI open plan living room

Every Image Matters….
Because Every Reservation Counts.

The key to creating stunning 3D interior visualisations is:

  1. On-trend styling aimed specifically at your core market. We create bespoke mood-boards for all your key images to ensure an efficient and effective process and result.
  2. Choosing the best angles and images to illustrate your USPs.
  3. Ensuring the quality of lighting and texturing which make the image not only look real, but warm and welcoming.
3D CGI Kitchen Image Peterborough
3D CGI Living Room Image Peterborough
3D CGI Bedroom Image Peterborough


As a team of experienced perfectionists, we won’t rest until your image is truly stunning. Let us create images that do more than just illustrate what your interior spaces will look like. Be sure to spend your budget on aspirational images that touch the hearts of today’s house-hunters. Reach out to your clients’ subconscious and trigger the buying instincts that will convert browsing into viewings and sales.

Let’s have a chat so we can find out more about your project and create the images that do your development justice.



    The key to creating stunning 3D interior visualisations is
    • On-trend styling aimed specifically at your core market. We create bespoke mood boards and interior flythroughs for all your key images to ensure an efficient and effective process and result.
    • Choosing the best angles and images to illustrate your USPs.
    • Ensuring the quality of lighting and texturing makes the image not only looks real, but warm and welcoming.
    • Is the cost I’m quoted the cost I’m going to pay?

    We are transparent about the costs of our property marketing CGIs from the get-go. Creating photo-real interior visualisations is an art form and as such each image requires layering in order to become the best possible version of itself. Our quoted price includes design consultation, off-the-shelf mood board creation and styling, raw views, and unlimited changes to the colours and props.

    The only time you may be charged extra is if you wish to change furniture and layouts after the final mood boards have been signed off, in which case the costs are calculated at the same rate as the original quote, just to cover the extra time this takes. Costs don’t include bespoke modeling of furniture. We have an extensive library of models we utilise to create the aspirational images you need to sell your properties fast.

    • What do you need from me?

     We’re not just a production line. At every point in the process, every expert in our team is playing to their unique strength. To make sure you get the best possible images and to keep your costs down, we’ll ask you about your core market, price point, and how easy/difficult you expect sales to be. We’ll ask you for as many details upfront as possible as we know this makes for a more efficient process.

    • What if there are several different departments that need to provide feedback?

    It’s best practice to funnel the feedback into one point of contact. If you need feedback from a variety of teams such as technical, marketing, and directors, we always give you an idea of when to expect your images so you can arrange meetings in advance and keep production flowing.

    • Do you know what you’re doing? What’s your level of expertise?

    Creating the best 3d visualisations available starts from the point of concept – when we first take a look at your plans we make sure we suggest a combination of rooms to capture which will show your  USPs off in the best light. We’re a well-established visualisation studio; we’ve been creating CGIs since 2005. During that time honed our systems and nurtured a team of experts.

    It’s not just one person creating your image…we’re proud of our team which includes a trained architect, a fine artist, a videographer / VR guru, a stylist, a marketing expert, and experienced project managers as well as several highly skilled CG artists. We’re a bunch of self-critical perfectionists who won’t rest until we have produced the best possible content for you.

    • I’ve never commissioned property marketing before -can you tell me what to expect?

    No problem, we’ll walk you through the process. Our clients in Carlisle range from sole traders who are new to CGI to large property developers and architects well-versed in the process. If you already know interior or Architectural Visualisation, great, we will quickly talk you through how we work to make sure you get your CGIs on time, on budget, with the least amount of hassle, every time. If you’ve never done it before we’ll walk you through our process to ensure it’s stress-free for you every step of the way.

    • What if I haven’t styled my interiors?

    Not a problem. To save you money we’ll work with you to create the style you need to entice your potential buyers. Share an example image with us, either of a previous development or choose a style for us to follow from our Style Guide. Send us any references you have and we’ll arrange for a 15-minute telephone meeting, Zoom, or Skype call to nail the brief before producing your mood boards for you. Alternatively, we can provide a bespoke styling service, aimed at your core market which includes mood-board production and furniture positioning.

    • What if I’ve already got the styling for my spaces from my interior designer?

    That’s great. We’ll ask for the designs and the references and we’ll find the closest matches in our extensive library so the images you get from us will mirror your show home once it’s ready.

    • How long does everything take?

    We’ll always ask if you have a deadline that needs to be met before we take your job on. We’d rather under-promise and over-deliver. If we can’t meet your deadline we’ll be honest from the start. Once the job is booked in, delivery times will mostly depend on how quickly we get the info we need and the feedback required.

    Once we have all the information we need to get started an interior image will take a few days to get to the raw render stage. But we will keep you posted on our progress at all times and if you have any questions, queries, or issues there’s always someone at the end of the phone who will help you straight away.

    We’re a small company with a large capacity, and we pride ourselves on our customer service. We understand your deadlines are important and we’ll make sure we meet them.

    • What happens next?

    Send us your plans and your design ideas (if you have them) and we’ll have a chat to get a clear idea of your requirements and help you decide on the type and number of images you need. Our packages are aimed at getting you the best possible value for money whilst not having to compromise on quality.

    If we know what budget you’re working to, we’ll always make sure you get a suite of content that puts you ahead of your competition. We’ll send you a competitive proposal, and once we’ve agreed on the finer details, production can begin as soon as we receive all the required information and the deposit payment.

    Please refer to our property brochure page to see examples of interior images in context.