“The team at Pixel Workshop were an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. They understood our needs and budget. They over delivered in every area and we were really pleased with our CGIs

Mr. Ben Vale, MD, Golden Properties

First Contact

11th September 2018


Exterior CGI

Project Delivery

28th September 2018



We were approached by Golden Properties to produce images of a hotel they were redeveloping. They needed the images in time for their brochure publication, a three week window from when they first contacted us.

Having never commissioned CGIs before, it soon transpired that the budget they had wouldn’t stretch to producing CGIs of every interior space as well as the exterior shot. However, that didn’t mean we couldn’t help them. With our property marketing experience, we advised them they could get by with just the one exterior hero shot along with two editorial cameo close-ups. This is a great way of getting extra value-for-money from one shot, and used imaginatively in a brochure it could be just enough. A stunning hero shot can go a long way, especially on a front cover or as a website banner.

The problem was, because this was an old building which was due to be renovated, there were no architects’ plans to work from. We usually work from .dwg CAD files, .pdfs or even hand-drawings, but working from photographs is a different process entirely. The artist has to create the image free-hand, meticulously re-constructing the property from the photographs provided, and then applying new finishes, textures and surroundings to create the new look required.

We moved some jobs around to accommodate this project and set one of our most experienced CGI artists, Eliano, to work on it. There was no leeway with the date of the brochure launch, so he worked overtime in order to meet the deadline. Ben and his team at Golden Properties waited on tenterhooks, designing the rest of the brochure around the anticipated images; for them there was a great deal at stake.

Thanks to the hard work, dedication and sheer talent of Eliano the images he produced exceeded all expectations. All three were delivered the day before they were required for the marketing launch, and Golden Properties became yet another very satisfied customer.


Below are the exterior CGI’s we have produced for Golden Properties. These images are used in a range of places including their website and brochure, a copy of which is available here.

Architectural renedering
Golden Properties Exterior CGI
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