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3d property visualisations – Manchester

We’ve been working hard all summer to produce some stunning 3d property visualisations here in our home town of Manchester and all over the UK. We’ve put together a portfolio of our favourite images, which we’d like to show you a sneak preview of… The featured shot above was produced for our new client, Northampton-based Barry Howard […]

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How CGI helps you plan home renovation

How CGI helps you plan home renovation: it brings your ideas to life. When you are having trouble visualising how your dream home should look, why not consider using the power of CGI to help you decide? That’s exactly what happened recently when we were approached by a home-owner to create a range of photo-montages […]

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9 must-haves for any great property CGI

When you can be spending upwards of £500 for one CGI, you need to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. In an increasingly competitive market, when selling properties off-plan it’s more important than ever to use images which reflect the quality of your build and catch the attention of your core market. So many […]