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Photography vs CGI – who’s calling the shots?

In our increasingly digitalised lives, it’s no news that computer generated images are taking over from traditional photography, and for very good reason. Leafing through online and offline product catalogues, CGI has found its way onto the pages so seamlessly that we might think we’re looking at photographs of taps in kitchens, wardrobes in bedrooms or sofas in living rooms, but in fact, they are more likely to be images created by talented artists on computers.

Perhaps the reasons why this is increasingly the case are not so obvious. In fact, the costs of building several room-sets for a high quality photo-shoot can often outweigh those incurred by their virtual alternatives. In the CGI studio, we can design a room set to appeal to your core clientele, then build it on-screen for considerably less.

And then there’s the time-factor to consider, especially for property developers. Why wait till the show home is built, styled and propped in order to attract buyers, when you can delve into the infinite possibilities of architectural renderings way before your show home is ready? Once it is built, no need to splash out on a photo-shoot, since you already have a wealth of images for online marketing and brochures.

As with photography, there’s no need to settle for just the one shot. With CGI cameo close-ups, alternative lighting or a variety of angles can be applied to the initial lifestyle shot at little extra cost, arming you with a battalion of images to send to clients to build up interest throughout the property sales cycle, or to fill your brochure pages.

Why settle for less? Core-market focussed design, timeliness and variety, all in one shot. CGI ticks all these boxes and takes the time and hassle out of photo-shoot logistics. In the words of Tina Reilly, Sales Director at Spink & Edgar luxury upholstery – ‘CGI certainly has its place in illustrating how something will look before it actually exists.’

So next time you’re leafing through a furniture catalogue, take a moment to check if what you’re looking at really exists and ask yourself is this CGI or photography? Check out our Interior CGI page to see just how real CGI can look.